Thursday, February 21, 2013

Endings, Beginnings, Continuations

An ending:  yesterday we had to have one of our guinea pigs, Cocoa Puff, put to sleep.  Pet ownership is like that - you seek out the pleasure of the pet, and you carry the responsibility of care through to the end of the pet's life.  I'm not broken up like I was over losing Sophia last fall, but I'm still sad.  We still have her sister, Flash, and a male pig in a separate cage, Cookie.  We'll have to keep an eye on Flash, so she doesn't pine.  Sometimes guinea pigs will die after their cage-mate dies, and that would break Safety Guy's heart - Flash is his.

A beginning:  my husband has started grad school, for his master's degree (and I'm having a brain glitch right now and can't remember if it will be in some aspect of software engineering or electrical engineering; his B.S. is in EE).  Homework is starting to hit home this week, and he's a bit stressed juggling family and school.

And a continuation:  I finally pulled out a painting that I started a couple years ago and abandoned.  It's been watching me mournfully from the corner ever since, saying, "You can't leave me like this!"  So I'm taking another run at it.  The jury is still out on what it will become, past the obvious "tree roots growing over rocks in a forest" idea.  I've also got a walled garden picture I started about 6 years ago, still unfinished.  Somehow I don't think I'll be like Leonardo da Vinci, carting an unfinished masterpiece around Europe while I get it "just right."  I'd be okay with "not bad, I can live with it this way" at this point.


  1. FYI, that looked really neat with the light streaming in the window this morning!

    1. I'd like to rearrange this corner so I can use it as a permanent painting location. This is the best light in the house!