Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mind Too Full

The view from Harris Hill, near Elmira, NY, 2010.

I've got a bad case of too much on my mind this weekend, which has made it hard for me to focus on much of anything.  I count myself successful to have done some cleaning and pet care, cooking and winter sowing, shopping and laundry, all with my mind not quite all in the present moment.  Body on autopilot, mind off on its own odyssey - a bit disconcerting, but I suspect it's a self-defense thing.  At least I didn't spend the weekend in bed, hiding (which sounded mighty appealing, actually).

We were busy this weekend, in a good way.  Kid activities for both Safety Guy and the Princess, home maintenance stuff for my husband, pet maintenance and laundry for me - just la vie quotidienne in our corner of the U.S.  I'm grateful for the routine and relative peace, even if my mind is spinning its wheels over something private.  I pray, I keep busy, and I go on.

Some times are just like that.

I've enjoyed talking with Safety Guy this weekend, as he's been exploring some old interests (shipwrecks) and indulging in a Mythbusters marathon on Friday.  I like it when he's in an inquisitive mood, feeding his curiosity, indulging in learning just for fun.  

The Princess is coming up on her birthday, and after talking it over she's decided that she'd like to go to the zoo with a handful of her friends for her birthday party.  I love going to the zoo, so I'm perfectly happy with this idea.  And, it keeps the party chaos and mess out of my house.  I'll have to see if I can bring a cake to the zoo, if they have a party room for a reasonable fee.  If not, we may do our party treat out, like at Friendly's.

I planted 17 containers of seeds on Friday, and sent in a couple seed orders.  Ah, the anticipation of spring! I love that.  Another good distraction.

And so life goes on as I seek grace to deal with what's too hard for me to handle on my own.

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