Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Roller Coaster

Tulip foliage last weekend, 
before the latest round of lake effect snow.

We continue to ride the up and down swing of Safety Guy's behavior at school.  He's had a number of good days lately, just not all in a row.  I think his best "streak" was three days without any trouble requiring discipline at school.  This past Monday was rough; the past two days have been better.  Today was downright GOOD, including a breakthrough in his relationship with another student that he has had a lot of difficulty with for quite a while (because they're too much alike and get on each other's nerves).  They had a real conversation, with social give and take and kind words and forbearance when either of them could have been snarky or mean.  Hooray!  Sometimes small things can be the biggest victories.

In other news, the Princess and I got our ears pierced today.  Yes, it's my first ear piercing EVER.  I'm equal parts blase and freaked out about it.  Let's face it, after pregnancy and childbirth, and assorted other injuries over the years, ear piercing is small potatoes on the pain scale.  But, I can't get over that I LET SOMEONE ELSE PUT HOLES THROUGH BOTH OF MY EARS.  Eewww.  

I went first, to set a good example for the Princess.  I was calm, no big deal (although the feeling of the piercing was unpleasant, I didn't let that on to her).  She was nervous, but decided to go through with hers as well (although she practically crushed my hand before the first ear was done - those riding lessons have made her hands strong).  She went through with it, and is now sporting little 3mm clear CZ studs in stainless steel.  Mine are simple 4mm stainless steel balls.  Nothing fancy.  We'll have more fun with earrings once our ears heal up.  And we had the nicest lady doing the piercing, which made it that much easier.

Sedum 'Angelina,' showing its cold-weather color a few days ago.  
Its new growth will be brilliant chartreuse in just a few weeks.

I'm STILL trying to corner my principal to have a nice long talk with him about how things are going in my classroom (the good and the not so good).  I'm a bit less stressed than I was a week ago, but I'm still more than ready to hand this class back to their regular teacher.  That's going to be hard, though - I've been with the kids longer than they had their regular teacher during the first two quarters before she had to take medical leave.  The class feels like it's mine, even though I've been working within the framework established by someone else.  I've been working with behavior plans, I've done three IEP meetings and I have two more to go before the end of this month, and this week is the end of the third marking period (I started in this class just two weeks before the second marking period ended).  Spring break starts next week, then we jump right into two weeks of standardized testing (3 days of ELA one week, and 3 days of math the next).  Don't get me started about test prep for junior high special needs kids required to take a test that is 4-6 grade levels above their current academic abilities. . . .

I'm waiting for the last batch of snow to melt (we had about 5" this week - we actually got a snow delay one morning).  I'm ready for spring warmth - even the 50s will feel like nirvana, and everything is just waiting for a little warmth to go POOF into green growth.  I can hardly wait.

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  1. Congrats on the piercing! What a great memory for you both to have. :)

    Yay for the good days! Gives so much hope for what is to come. Continued prayers for all. :)