Tuesday, June 11, 2013


We're finally done with Safety Guy's 8th grade school year.  I practically held my breath his entire last day, hoping that it would be okay for him.  I subbed that day, which was easy as the classes were either watching videos or taking tests.  Thankfully, it was smooth sailing for him.  He was even able to joke about the kid who punched him being in class, with blue hair and a blue hoodie (everyone was teasing him about being a Smurf - apparently given and taken in good fun all around).

And just like that, the year is OVER.  SG will pass everything, a couple classes just by the skin of his teeth, but I don't care one iota.  I know his grades from his last two quarters do not reflect his actual intelligence and understanding of the subjects, but rather demonstrate the toll of the stress and anxiety and the distraction of the bullying.  The fall will be a fresh start, and I hope for his sake (and for all of us, too) that the new school year goes far better than this past year did for him.

On the last day of school I had a nice conversation with the principal regarding the job I applied for a few weeks ago.  They hired another candidate, someone with more experience dealing with NY state Regents testing and math, and I am relieved both that I did NOT get the job (I need to keep my focus on my family, not my career, for a little while longer), and happy that not only did they get a great candidate, but that it's a MAN.  I'm not being sexist, but it seems that in our district all of the special ed teachers are women.  It's a fact that some young men respond better to a male teacher at times.  This new teacher will be teaching Safety Guy math, his toughest subject, and it's a class where he's also likely to be with a few of the students he didn't get along with very well this year. I hope this new teacher can ride herd on the strong personalities in that room, and help them get along, as well as to learn the math.  I sincerely wish him the best.

I hope this summer can bring some healing to my family.  There was too much drama this winter and spring.  Too many hurt feelings, too much confusion, too many harsh words and too little compassion.  Much too much of EVERYTHING negative.  We're all trying to do better, and I hope the physical and mental space will help us in the healing process.

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