Saturday, June 1, 2013

Of Manure And Windmills

Stormy skies - appropriate for this week, in more ways than one.

I just looked at my last post on here, which was just over two weeks ago and talked about our son's IEP meeting.  I guess I'd call the tone cautiously positive. I'm a heck of a lot less positive today.

A few days ago Safety Guy was assaulted in school.  Earlier this week he and another student had turned in a kid in their class who had been showing porn on his phone to other kids in the class.  SG saw some of what was being shared, and was appalled.  He and one other student told the teacher, and the kid with the porn lost his phone.  Of course the kid was mad, and he blamed SG more than the other student, probably because a) SG called him a "disgusting perv" and a "sick pig" (debatably true, but typically tactless of SG) and b) the other student would be much harder to intimidate or beat up (bullies prey on those who are less likely to retaliate).  

Anyhow, the kid with the phone was trash talking at Safety Guy the following day over the phone incident, and SG told him that he'd only gotten what he deserved.  Between two classes late in the morning, the bully took a swing at SG in the crowded hallway, which SG blocked, and then SG tried to walk away from the confrontation.  The other kid came up behind/beside him and punched him in the head, over the right ear, knocking him to the ground.

I took SG to the doctor, and he probably has a mild concussion.  we'll be watching him for signs of it over the next week or so.  

My husband and I talked it over that night, and we decided that we'd go ahead and file a police report.  This would give us a paper trail if SG did need further medical care, and would document this other student's behavior legally and give warning to his parents that he was heading for serious trouble.  If something as simple as losing a phone would lead him to assault someone else, he's got bigger issues that need to be addressed NOW.  And, most of all, we wanted our son to see that we're taking this seriously and standing up for him in every way possible.

The manure has hit the windmill.  We're THOSE parents now.  And that's okay.  This situation may affect my job in the fall (either my chance for the permanent job I just interviewed for, or my status as a sub).  I don't care.  I'm a mother first, and a teacher somewhere a bit farther down the list.  

Don't mess with my kid.

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  1. Glad to see 'Mama bear' has now asserted herself, am thinking this will change everything. :)