Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Simple Things

A little garden tour, while other events in my life sort themselves out.  We've had warm, rainy weather for the past week, but before that it was unseasonably cool and rainy for two weeks.  No chance of a drought here now, but it's mosquito, slug and mold heaven.  I'm hoping things will dry out a bit next week.  In the meantime, here are some pictures from around the yard:

Violet purple lupine against yellow clematis and miscanthus grass - simple and pretty.  The lupines and columbine were winter sown three years ago.  The lupines aren't supposed to be very long-lived, so we'll see how they come back next year.  Ditto for the columbine.  I'll start new seedlings just in case.  I like this combination.
Dark purple (almost black in some lights) nemophila 'Penny Black.'  My sister brought me the seed from a trip.  I love this little plant with the striking blackcurrant coloring and ruffly, fuzzy leaves.  I'll be planting this again!
Rose 'Peace,' an old favorite my mother grew when I was a kid.  The flowers are HUGE this year, obviously loving the moisture now (but the plant will be covered with black spot if I don't spray it with baking soda or some other anti-fungal solution soon).

Self-seeded columbine in the middle of lady's mantle (Alchemilla mollis).  Columbines are notoriously cross-fertile, so these are heaven only knows what combination from my 'William Guinness' seedlings and my yellow columbines.  Very pretty, whatever its parentage.
Containers on my front porch - red annual salvia, coleus, and lantana.  They look pretty good here, but a few days later a heavy hail storm bashed the heck out of them, especially the coleus, and the hosta elsewhere around the house.  Dime sized hail in a high wind = shredded foliage. 

The long raised beds in the back yard - perennials in the closest one, then mostly veggies in the rest of them (with gladiolus and morning glories along the way).
A leaf on the redbud tree that I rescued as a 6" seedling from a spot in another part of the yard the first year we moved in.  A rabbit nibbled it off the first year, but it resprouted and is now a 6' tall tree with multiple trunks, and it had its first bloom this year.  
Salvia 'Carradonna' by the back corner of the house.  I planted three of them, very small, last year, and I wasn't sure how they'd do in that exposed northeast position, but they apparently like it.  Hooray!
Winter sown tomatoes (time for a cage). 
Variegated Solomon's seal, one of my favorite shade plants.  It's so elegant, I'd hate to be without it in the garden.


  1. Love the Columbine. My grandma always had them in her garden. I think I will have to put some in mine next year.

    1. I love columbine too. I let them self-seed, and just pull any that are in an awkward place. These are double, but not dumpy, so I'm liking them more than other doubles I've seen.