Monday, July 8, 2013

Summertime, Summertime

 The front of the house today - the daylilies are starting their bloom.

My goal for the summer was to keep the kids busy enough to be active and have fun, and have enough free time for everyone to just RELAX.  So far, we're not doing too badly.  

One of my seedlings, 'Foolish Heart.'

The Princess has had her first two horse shows, and she did very well.  She rides two days a week, plus a day of prep work before each show.  She has one more show coming up later this month.  For her first year riding, and her first year showing, she's doing amazing, and I'm very proud of her.

One of six blue ribbons she won - 
and she wasn't the only entrant.

Safety Guy has been participating in a fitness class (mixed cardio and weight training) three days per week.  He's been enjoying it, especially since it's a smaller group of teen guys and it's low-stress.  He's used his time to blaze through his workouts - his coach always has to ask him to slow down, but SG seems to have one speed for his workouts - full speed ahead.

I think of Bilbo's riddle to Gollum, 
where the answer was "sun on the daisies," when I see these.

I've been catching up on house cleaning, home organization, and garden work.  I've also been job-hunting, which has so far yielded ZERO results.  I did have the one interview late in the school year, but I didn't get that position.  I'm hoping that I can find something full time sooner rather than later.  Some things have happened to make finding a full time teaching position more important for me than ever.

This hasn't been a stress-free summer by any means, but I'm glad that the family changes have happened during a time frame where I've got more flexibility with my time, and space to think and pray and make decisions.  I hate being rushed into things, so I'm just trying to keep ahead of the tidal wave and accomplish a handful of productive things each day.  

Rare camaraderie between the Princess and SG 
on the Fourth of July.

We had a fun Fourth of July on Oneida Lake, at a friend's house.  The sunset was gorgeous, and the evening was beautiful and mostly relaxing (except for the somewhat drunk guy setting off fireworks without a clue as to safety, or where to aim them, or even whether they were right side up).  Oh, and except for the little boy who decided that it was fun to scare Safety Guy by running at him with a sparkler and saying, "I'm going to burn you!"  I wanted to smack the brat, and wished his parents had done something more than say, "No no, come back here," and give him no consequences. . . .

Sunset on the lake - I really would like to live on a lake someday.

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