Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Something Old

Last weekend I enjoyed spending a few hours at the Madison-Bouckville Antique Show, a week-long event that is the biggest outdoors antique show I've ever seen.  I only saw about 1/5 of it, it was so huge.  It was advertised to have 2000 vendors, and I believe it.  It was massive!  Acres of tents and tables, trailers and paths, portapotties and parking, businesses and casual sellers, true antiques, collectibles, and a surprisingly low junk quotient.  Lots of friendly people, good food, and bargaining.

I love antique malls, flea markets, and stuff like that.  I rarely buy anything, although I always am on the lookout for a few special things I might spring for if the price is right and my budget permits.  Mostly, the joy is in the looking, and in talking to the vendors.  

A train set/amusement park, amazingly detailed.

It was a gorgeous day, sunny but not too humid, warm but not stifling hot.  The only downside was my rampaging allergies (I'm allergic to pollen, molds and dust, so antiquing outdoors in farm country pushed all of my allergy buttons at once).  I still really enjoyed myself.

The view from the back of the fair - the wind farm and the dairy farm, 
a typical sight up here in CNY.

This show had EVERYTHING you could imagine, from furniture to collectibles, from art pottery to old tools, from dolls to antique cars, from books to folk art.  It was wonderful, a real treat to just wander and enjoy browsing.  Some smart people who attended were pulling little two-wheeled shopping carts to hold their purchases, or large tote bags.  I didn't buy much (amber/silver earrings, and a paperback), so I didn't need a tote, but you can be sure next year I'll bring one, just in case.  Next year I'd like to spend more time there.  The show goes for an entire week, so I'd like to go on a couple different days.  Three hours on my feet on hard-packed dry ground didn't make my back happy, so I quit before I knew I'd hate myself the next day.  Next year.  Next year.

An old Ford racing car.

Anyhow, it was fun, and relaxing, to have a day to myself.  I need to plan times like that more often, now that the kids are older.  Time to take care of myself.  Time to do things I enjoy.  Time to make sure I get some mental space.  And that cannot wait until next year. 


  1. That train set is magnificent!!

    1. I can't imagine transporting it to/from antique shows. But it was amazingly detailed, a real treat to see. I'm definitely going to plan on going again next year.