Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cars, Cars, Cars

Safety Guy admiring a sweet little convertible Austin Healey.

We've lived here east of Syracuse for four years now - long enough to have settled into the local seasonal swing and learn what fun events to look forward to year round.  One thing Safety Guy looks forward to every year is the Mohican Model A Ford Club's annual car show in Wampsville, NY.  It's held at the fireman's field in town, and includes both the auto show (with a several hundred cars or so from the earliest 1900s to the 1980s), food vendors, and a flea market (mostly auto themed, but lots of other fun stuff too).  It's always held the weekend after Labor Day.  Safety Guy and I made our annual pilgrimage to the show last weekend.  Here are some photos from our fun morning:

 We've seen this Bel Air at the show each of the three years we've attended.  
It's one of his favorites every year.

 Hello chrome!  This gorgeous Cadillac Eldorado practically glowed in the sun.

 For the life of me I can't remember what auto had this wonderful hood ornament.

 Of course we saw some really great hot rods, too.

 Safety Guy admiring a Hudson.

 The hood ornament from a '53 Pontiac - it really caught my eye, 
with the hood up against the clouds.

 A '69 Chevelle Malibu SS - almost exactly my first car.  My old Chevelle was handed down to me from my grandfather, and wasn't an SS, but a regular 307.  Plain vanilla as muscle cars go, but oh how I loved that car!  I called mine "Beast," because even with the smaller 307 engine, it was still a muscle car and had that wonderful eight-cylinder roar.

A sweet Corvette Stingray - the ultimate 70s car in my mind.  
I've always wanted to ride in one.

And Safety Guy's favorite car of the whole show - a Delorean.  
This one, unusually, has been painted.  Originally they were all matte stainless steel.  
And, of course, it had a mock-up of a flux capacitor in the back.


  1. Oh the things we learn for our sons! I'm getting an education in stand-up comedy, you in the world of automobiles. I'm pretty impressed with both us!
    Loved the pics, too.

    1. I never imagined I'd have to learn so much car stuff just to keep up with him. Not to mention stuff about natural disasters, shipwrecks, and trains! One thing is for sure, I'll never be bored around him.