Friday, September 20, 2013

Simple Pleasures

Life has definitely has its stresses this week.  A flat tire, which in the course of its repair revealed a much bigger auto repair that needs to addressed soon.  A meltdown by the Princess.   Safety Guy has a chest cold.  A sub job I showed up for, and the teacher showed up a few minutes later - somebody goofed in the scheduling department.  A headache.  A backache.  Just STUFF.  But there have been many good things this week, too.  Sometimes, when life is stressful, the little things mean a lot.

A gorgeous harvest moon, which looked absolutely huge rising over the horizon last night.

Shocking orange zinnias by my front walk.

Sharing plants with friends.

Taking a nap with Cici (my fluffy, bobtailed torbie cat).

Making a nice big batch of spicy jambalaya for dinner tonight.

Organizing a closet.  (Don't laugh - nothing is falling on my head from the shelf now!)

My husband buying me a heating pad for my aching back (and the heating pad helped a LOT).

A couple teachers telling me they requested me specifically for their classes. 

Subbing in a first grade class and getting hugs from several of the students at the end of the day.

And, some things that aren't so little:

The kid who hit Safety Guy in the spring apologized to him, and Safety Guy accepted his apology appropriately, and they shook hands.  (!!!  And I have to say again, !!!)

The Princess has a new friend at school, a girl who just moved here, who rides her bus, shares some of her classes, and has many of the same interests, and who likes my wonderful girl just the way she is, and who lives nearby.


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