Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Life Rolls On

Whoops, it looks like I totally lost October.  I apologize to my friends and family that follow my blog - I just didn't have the mental energy to write about all the things that were happening (good and not so good) over the past seven weeks or so.  There have been good days, and bad days, well days and sick days, ups and downs, stress and fun.  A pretty "normal" month and a half, in other words, but I wasn't up to writing about it.  

Here's a pocket summary of the past month or so:

The kids survived their first semester of school.  The Princess gets her report card tomorrow, SG soon after that.  The Princess has had a very good fall, after a rocky start in math (she was intimidated by the teacher, and not liking the new Common Core curriculum at all).  Safety Guy has had a real roller coaster, great days and good choices, off days and frustration, and a couple really bad days with poor choices.  Thankfully, the new assistant principal really GETS him, and his teachers this year have been very good about working with him to help him make better choices and deal with peer interactions.  It hasn't been all smooth sailing, but at this point the good is outweighing the bad, and I'll be happy with that.

I took my first quilting classes!  That was my big treat to myself this fall.  I can't show you pictures of my project, though, because it's a Christmas present, and some of the other things I've been working on will be Christmas presents too.  I'll share some pictures of my creative endeavors after the New Year.

The garden has limped it's way to the end of the season.  I've got most of the yard clean-up done, and I treated myself to $25 of bulbs (two kinds of tulips, two kinds of daffodils, and an ornamental onion).  I finally got those planted just last week.  I really lost my motivation and joy in my garden this summer, which makes me quite sad, but sometimes it took all my mental energy just to move through a regular day.  There wasn't much left over.  I'm hoping for better things next year.  The bulbs are my gesture of hope for the future.

Grape jelly, made from my very own grapes.  Tasty, too!

I'm still looking for a permanent teaching job.  Realistically, next to nothing permanent will be posted by schools until late winter/early spring, when hiring begins for the 2014-2015 school year.  I've branched out into subbing for our local BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services, for my followers who don't know what that is - they provide special education services, vocational education for high school students, and continuing education for teachers and an assortment of classes for the community at large).  I've been in all sorts of classrooms over the past month - severe needs classes for elementary students with autism, high school classes for students with moderate educational needs and varying disabilities, middle school classes for moderate to severe special needs, and tomorrow a pre-K special ed class.  It's been interesting, to say the least!  It has, however, served to solidify my preferences:  I'd really like to work with senior high students with mild to moderate special needs, either in a 15:1 class or as a resource teacher.  We'll see what's available in the spring.  Realistically, I'll have to apply for everything I'm qualified for, and I may not have the luxury of picking and choosing one kind of class over another.  At least I'm getting to know professionals in other schools and programs, so my name won't be completely unknown to them when I apply for jobs.  There will be a handful of retirements in the two districts I sub at the most, plus undoubtedly more in other districts nearby.  I hope somebody will give me a chance.

Sunset view from our house, early October.

A lot has happened in my life that has raised a host of other issues this year, but many of those questions won't be answered until I have my own permanent, full-time job. And so the winter of waiting begins.  I'd appreciate prayer for my family, and for my future job (wherever and whatever it may be).  Thank you.

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