Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pleased and Grateful

Gratuitous picture of Molly lounging on my lap.

I am very happy with how our son's IEP meeting went today.  His school psych wrote the most thorough, thoughtful evaluation of our son that I've ever seen, and his primary resource teacher did a great job with his goals and current skill levels.  Both of them zeroed in on his areas of greatest need (executive functioning skills, i.e. planning sequence, and follow-through for many tasks, and social anxiety as it relates to monitoring his own behavior, i.e. he needs continued ABA).  

I am SO glad that everyone there seems to realize that his emotional outbursts and many of his social miscues are the reaction to situations he doesn't understand or overreacts to, and that addressing only the reaction wasn't helping him.  His teachers and counselor started the ABA approach last spring, and we're finally seeing the fruits of it this fall.  He's making good progress, with more good to come.  It's not smooth sailing from here on out, but at last I think we've all got a good handle of what he REALLY needs - addressing the root issues instead of the symptoms.

In other news, we're enjoying the holiday season, and I'm in full cookie-baking, gift-making mode.  Today's goodies are Almond Sandies and my Mom's special brownies (my favorite brownie recipe EVER).  I'll share pictures and the recipes tomorrow.

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