Thursday, January 17, 2013

Running Fast, Barely Keeping Up

I'm exhausted.  I think I'd like to spend Saturday 
like my cat B.C. - sleeping, in a sunbeam.

It's been a long week, with one day to go.  My new job is slowly settling into a sort of routine.  I took this job knowing that I'd be picking up a lot of pieces after the special ed teacher's long illness, and a merry-go-round of subs for the past almost two months.  I just didn't realize how many pieces I'd have to pick up!  Add that I started one week before the end of the quarter, just in time to do the quarterly testing and grade reports, and I've had a busy week, with a busier week ahead.  The marking period ends tomorrow; the grades are due at the main office Thursday 8AM.  Deadline time!  And, I didn't manage to dodge the cold germs, so I'm trying not to infect everyone in the classroom while I teach, and just hanging on since I know I can't take time off while getting everything set up, graded and submitted this week and next.

Thankfully, I've got some really great co-workers who have stepped up to help me, from the two aides in the classroom who (thankfully) know where everything is, and what the routine should be, to the other special ed teachers who will guide me through the multiple assessment and reporting mechanisms I'll need to use in the next week.

The kids are getting used to me, and I'm getting to know them.  I think we'll get along really well once we reach equilibrium (that is, after the testing is done, and the kids settle into knowing what to expect from me).  I think we'll be able to have some fun, and the next science unit (animals and habitats/ecology) and English/Language arts and History units (tied together with the theme of Colonial America, using an adapted version of "Last of the Mohicans") should be good too.

I've got a lot to learn, and I'm sure I'll make mistakes (I've already made a few "routine" ones which the kids have been quick to point out, and a few teaching ones that the aides have discreetly pointed out).  Still, I'm looking forward to my time with this class.  I hope their regular teacher recovers her health, obviously - but I'm also enjoying stretching my skills again.  I hope it will be a good ride, for all of us.