Friday, February 1, 2013

SMH - It's a Snow Day?

 From a few weeks ago - we don't have even this much today, so far.

We're having a snow day today, but the weather hasn't been bad at all.   It was one of those mornings where you look out the window and think, "Nah, we'll have school," then you turn on the news and see a 2 hour delay and think, "Why?"  And an hour later, they went to a full snow day, still with no serious snow in sight.  I was joking with my husband this morning that maybe the higher-ups in the school all needed a day off, but with fluctuating bands of lake effect snow going through our area during the usual bus/going to work time and again later in the day around dismissal time, the district probably just made a good, conservative call.  We haven't had a full snow day yet this year, so we have days to use.  Lake effect snow is nothing to be trifled with.  If the band of snow misses you, you might get a handful of flakes and not much more, but just a couple miles away from you someone else can see an inch or more an hour under the band.  We had just over an inch this morning, scattered flurries all day, and now we're under one of those heavier bands (it's almost 5pm now).  You just can't predict lake effect snow very well.  Better safe than sorry.

I have to confess I was delighted with the snow day, however.  I even prayed for a snow day last night, knowing it wasn't likely but feeling like I could really, really use one anyhow.  It has been a long, chaotic week (snow delay earlier in the week, school schedule changed on two days for a special event, the Princess being sick and my husband staying home with her), and I've been feeling a bit burnt out, so a real extra day off feels like a long vacation to me today.  I've been catching up on some cleaning and laundry, and I even took a NAP.  Yay me, maybe I'll be more patient with everyone around me now that I don't feel rushed and dragged out.

 Dianthus 'Chianti' - I just found seed for this again, after not seeing it for a while.  
I had it at our old house, and love its deep wine and white coloration.
It's a perennial; I hope to have a nice clump of it this year.

I'm going to start my winter sowing tonight.  I sorted seeds last night, got rid of some seed that was too old to reliably germinate, and finalized my seed orders.  I'm getting some things from three different companies (Pinetree Garden Seeds, Select Seeds, and Thompson & Morgan).   Pinetree and Select Seeds are my favorites, and Thompson & Morgan usually has a few things I really want but can't find anywhere else, so I splurge even though their prices are high.  I brought the bag of soil inside a couple days ago to thaw, and I just added water to it so it will be ready to use later tonight.  Good clean fun, playing in the dirt.  I'll sow the hardy starters first, perennials and the annuals I know don't mind an early start (like sunflowers).  The tender stuff will have to wait until late February or early March (tomatoes, peppers, zinnias, and the like).

Time to go finish cleaning and make dinner, then I can play in the dirt.  Happiness!