Friday, February 8, 2013

Finding Nemo in a Blizzard?

B.C. "helping" my husband work from home one day not too long ago. . . .

I just have to laugh at the weather wonks who decided that naming winter storms was a good idea.  Who got together and decided on this year's list of names?  Elvis?  Khan?  Nemo?!  I just have to laugh because their choices seem to beg to be made fun of.  Anyhow, we're getting some snow in CNY, with a forecast total of 4-8" that seem to be about right - we've got about 4" so far, with the storm forecast to be moving through NY for the better part of the night, so we'll probably end up near the top of that projection.

I'm hoping that the storm passes through quickly, because both the Princess and Safety Guy have activities they're looking forward to tomorrow.  The Princess has a 4H horse-related weekend camp (which has already been shortened to one overnight instead of two due to weather - they were supposed to leave tonight), and Safety Guy has the annual Klondike Derby winter fun day with the Scouts.  We'll see if there are any more changes in plans.  I hope not, both because the kids are looking forward to their fun stuff, and because my husband is going with SG but I'm not chaperoning the 4H trip this double-activity means that I'll actually be alone in the house for the better part of a day, and I could use the mental space.  I could REALLY use the mental space.  Really.  A lot.