Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My, How Things Can Change Overnight

Ostrich ferns just starting to unfurl in the spring.

I don't know if this was a case of a guy talking to a guy being more effective than a lady talking to a guy, or good timing, or the way my husband said what he said, but after he sent his email to the school this morning regarding Safety Guy and the bullying problem, things started happening quickly.  By the end of the day the assistant principal had called my husband, talked for a few minutes, and arranged for my husband, Safety Guy, and both the assistant principal and principal to meet at the school to talk tomorrow morning.  Also, the principal had called several of the repeat offenders in the bullying-go-round to his office to talk to them 1:1 about their bullying of SG.

Part of me is delighted that SOMETHING appears to be happening at last to get the school to take some action on the bullying.  A small (but loud and very exasperated) part of me is dismayed that after several months of me working through the school, talking to SG's teachers, working with his school psychologist, and even occasionally giving the bullies a scare (when I'd walk up on them talking with SG and catch them unawares and they'd look guilty for a second), that a SINGLE EMAIL from my husband has kick-started what should never, ever have taken so long in the first place.  


But no matter how or why it has happened, the school is starting to take some action.  FINALLY.  Hopefully between the actions of the school and the help of SG's counselor and pediatrician, we can help SG make it through the rest of the school year without getting into major trouble or hurting himself.

So thanks for the prayers, friends.  I hope the conference between the guys (father, son, and both principals) works out well, and that this turns the corner for SG.