Friday, May 10, 2013

New Friend, New Home

Here's the newest addition to our family:  Mercy the cat (or Cici for short).  We adopted her from Wanderer's Rest, which is not too far from us.  We had intended to wait longer to adopt a cat, but she picked us out and we fell in love.  (In our defense, we visit the shelter regularly just to play with the cats.  We went just to look, like we often do, and got hooked.)  In fact, I filled out the adoption paperwork before Tech Guy or the Princess had even seen her in person.

She's a medium-haired, bob-tailed two-year-old cat.  She'd been at the shelter for 6  months, dropped off with her kittens by an irresponsible owner who didn't bother to spay her cats (I gathered from the shelter staff that Mercy wasn't the first cat they'd gotten from this owner).  Her kittens were adopted, but she stayed on.  She's got a big purr for a small cat (she's maybe 8 lbs), and she's very friendly.  She loves attention, and I snapped this picture while petting her.  She was so blissed out her tongue was sticking out.  Cute!

Ian petting Mercy while I got a picture.  
The shelter sent her home with a goodie bag, 
including the little crocheted sleeping mat.

She was just spayed, so we're keeping her in the downstairs bathroom while she heals, to minimize her running around and possibly getting into tussles with Molly.  Occasionally we'll put Molly in a bedroom and let Cici out to explore on her own.  Molly, for her part, is half curious and half freaked out.  I'm hoping that they'll reach equilibrium quickly - if not best buddies, then at least tolerant housemates.

Molly this morning, before her world got rocked.