Friday, June 7, 2013


It's terrible to lose your trust, it really is.  But I'm quite disappointed in our local school.  The kid who punched Safety Guy in the head last week was BACK IN SCHOOL on Monday, when he was supposed to have out of school suspension for 5 days.  I drove the kids to school that day, and SG was very unhappy to see the other kid waiting by the front door of the school.  I can't blame SG for being anxious to be near this kid now, and we had no warning that he'd be there.  I asked the VP why he was at school, and I was told that he needed to take a state test, and he'd have ISS when the test was finished, and OSS after that.

So, fine.  OSS only means OSS when it doesn't affect the school's test scores.  And actually warning the kid who'd been assaulted that his assailant would be there at the front door when he wasn't supposed to be there at all was too much to ask.  Thanks for the extra anxiety.

It gets better.  The kid wasn't out for 5 days - he was back after three days of OSS.  I asked my husband, "Was I hallucinating when the superintendent told us that the VP told him that the kid would be out for 5 days?"  No.  I'd asked the superintendent point blank about the length of time out the kid would have, saying that I'd overheard the kid say three days, but the VP had said five days.  The superintendent commented that it would make more sense to believe the VP than the kid, but I guess the kid was right when I overheard him right after the incident telling his friends that he'd be out for three days.

The other kids have been teasing him about "starting the fight" by turning the kid in.  The kid's girlfriend has provoked him with the same crap (and got firmly sat on by the VP over it).  Another kid in his class has been teasing him about his weight again, and yet another kid told him that he'd "cut him" if he didn't shut up (the teacher jumped right on both of those incidents).

I am heartbroken over the hell our son has gone through this year.  Today was a good day, he said, one of few he's had recently.  He has one more day of school, Monday - an awards ceremony, end of year video/music montage, and picnic.  I hope in all the freeform activity he can keep away from the people who have hurt him so much.

We're going to give school one more try in the fall - different building, different teachers, and maybe a little less time spent with the same cast of characters as this year.  I'm not too hopeful at this point, and I'll be researching online high school programs, so we'll have something in reserve if September looks like it will be anything like this spring has been.

I didn't get the permanent job, and I have to say I'm relieved.  I need to focus on my own family.  And, it appears, be ready to defend them from the people in school.