Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Daylily Seedlings 2013

Anyone who has followed me for any length of time knows I like my daylilies.  I've got an embarrassing number of them, and I play with breeding them.  I've posted a tutorial on how to breed them, and I've shown pictures of my "babies" as they've matured.  

Time for another round of seedlings, ones that are finally maturing from being planted two years ago, and some new babies showing their faces for the first time this year.  Also, it's proof that breeding is a gamble - you never know what you'll get.  I have used purchased seed before, and gotten some fun flowers from that.  Most of these are from my own plants, except for the lavender one, and the last one.

A pretty, old-fashioned light peach flower, slightly ruffled on the petals, 
with a golden throat and light green center.  
Simple, and very fragrant.  No name yet.

A very unusual flower, an odd brown-mauve color with a ruby eye and yellow throat on both the sepals and petals, 
and striking red anthers.  No name yet.

An orange-gold seedling with a faint cinnamon eye.  I think this is an offspring of 'G. Willikers,' from my front yard, since they're very similar and I know I planted seeds from that two years ago.  Not unique enough for me to keep, but pretty enough I'll give it away.

A lovely, wide-petaled cream-peach flower with a green eye - very elegant.  I may name this one after my father's mother in some way.  It reminds me of her, and her name was Pearl.

A striking lavender flower with long petals and sepals - sometimes called a SPUF (spider flowered or unusual form) daylily.  The color is nice and clear, with a faint blue-lavender eye and a yellow throat, and lavender stamens.  No name yet, but it's a keeper - my only good lavender to date.  

And, the ugly duckling.  And I mean UGLY.  LOL, I'll give this a little time to finish blooming this summer, but if all the flowers are this splotchy and deformed, it will be composted.  I have had flowers that needed a couple years to show their true potential, but none of them started out THIS messy, and my garden space is limited right now.  So, out it goes!

This seedling I've called 'Foolish Heart,' and it took several years to settle into a consistent form.  However, it was nice from the start - it just bloomed about 8" tall, a real runt.  It's finally decided it wants to be about 20" tall in bloom - shorter than I usually like, but that flower is just drop dead gorgeous.  It was from purchased seed.