Friday, July 19, 2013

Around The Garden

We've been having a serious heat wave (like all of the Northeast), and the garden is loving it.  Here are some photos from this week:

The deck and the beds around it.  The daylilies are in full bloom, as is the hydrangea.  The ornamental grasses are taking over the stairs.

 Another view of the back of the house.  The tall plants by the house are Nicotiana 'Jasmine,' my favorite annual.  They are extremely fragrant in the evening, and the scent carries on the air.  Gorgeous!

 One of my earlier seedlings, from 2007.  I call it 
'Sister Golden Hair,' after the song by America.

A simple denim-blue pansy in a container.

My seedling 'Oye Como Va', blooming in a clump.  
It gets a little more purple in hot weather.

 The long raised beds - perennials in the first bed, 
glads and veggies and annuals in the rest.

Ruby gladiolus - they're actually darker than this, 
but my camera doesn't do reds very well.

 The front of the house - the daylilies are in full swing.

Hosta flowers.

One last seedling, a rusty veined beauty with no name yet.