Wednesday, September 4, 2013

'Twas the Day Before School Started. . .

Cici, just because.

Tomorrow is THE DAY.  I'll officially have a freshman in high school, and a sixth grader.  They're both excited.  They have their new clothes, new shoes, and a crazy amount of school supplies that the schools no longer furnish.  The Princess has had her first day outfit picked out for a week (including snazzy tall boots, and hair chalk - she's going a bit "steampunk," if you know what that means, with some gamer-girl thrown in for good measure).  Safety Guy hasn't said anything about his fashion choices, aside from not wearing ANY of his new stuff until school officially starts.  But he's easy:  T-shirts with funny sayings, jeans or athletic shorts, new sneakers, and a baseball cap.

I heard back from quite a few of Safety Guy's new teachers, in response to the letter I sent to them last week.  We even went to the school to meet the two teachers who were not at the freshman orientation.  They were both friendly and asked SG directly about his likes and dislikes, stresses and calming techniques.  I feel a little better about school now, although the proof will be in the first few days, when he sees who his classmates are for each subject.

I've already been called for subbing - 4 1/2 days in the first two weeks of school.  That's good.  No full-time opportunities on the horizon, but I just have to keep looking around and see what comes up.

I think I'd enjoy this last day before school starts a lot more if I didn't have the stomach and intestinal flu.  (Blerk.  Enough said.)

I've had the appliance repair guy here, working on our dryer, which pooped out on Saturday of the holiday weekend.  At least I had most of the laundry done before it went kerflooey.  Anyhow, it was a simple thermal fuse ($12.50) and the charge for a service call and labor ($69).  It took him about 20 minutes to diagnose and fix it.  I think I'm in the wrong profession.

So, a day in the life.  Safety Guy seems to be fairly relaxed at the moment, unless you know that his obsessive talking about favorite topics is a sign of anxiety.  He's handling it fairly well over all.    The Princess is getting her supplies together, writing her name in the folders and binders.  The fun of new school supplies; the anticipation of another year.  I hope tomorrow goes smoothly for both of them, with no unpleasant surprises.