Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Color Me Impressed

I have to say, I'm really impressed with how well our kids are handling the idea of moving over the summer.  Both are asking smart questions about the school districts we're considering, both are looking at stuff online about the schools on their own, and both are already invested in getting this house (and in particular, their STUFF) packed ahead of time.  Safety Guy is even looking at real estate websites for apartments and houses for rent already.

I shouldn't be surprised - they're both older than the last time we went through this (in 2009).  And I've noticed that Safety Guy copes with change by doing research, so him helping us look for housing is not surprising in the least.  The Princess is sad about not living close to her best friends, but she's not despondent or refusing outright to go along with this change either.  In fact, both kids seem rather relieved at having a definite direction to pursue, rather than continuing in the limbo that marked the last six months of 2013 for us.

So, we're looking at a few districts closer to the major city we live near (but not IN the city - suburban to rural, but within a reasonable commute to anywhere in the city).  The districts are all much larger than the one we're in, and thus much more well off financially.  Each has its strengths; none have glaring weaknesses.  All have good reputations among other teachers I know, and among the parents I've spoken to around here (people who have lived here MUCH longer than we have, "natives" and long-term transplants alike).

It's all going to come down to housing - we need something with three bedrooms (or two bedrooms and a basement that is or can be finished into a bedroom).  So, a rental house, a rent-to-own house, or a townhouse.  Three bedroom apartments are scarce, and cost just as much as the rental homes and townhomes that I've seen.  I'd rather have more space than less for what we can afford.  And, we've got two cats - the place needs to accept them too.

So, wish us luck!  We hope to move over the summer, so the kids can settle in before school starts.  We already have a favorite out of the three primary districts we're looking at.  Hopefully we'll find a decent place to live there when we seriously start looking in May.