Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weather Whiplash

Our back deck, Thursday afternoon, March 13, 2014.

And the roller coaster continues:  Tuesday this week it was fifty degrees, and I enjoyed being out without a heavy coat, just in a light sweater.  24 hours later, it was snowing an inch an hour, that next day we had single-digit wind chills, and yesterday we were back up to almost fifty again.  Whee, but I think I'm really, REALLY ready to be done with winter.  

The picnic table - that's a large, three-wick candle sitting on the corner.

I've been keeping busy, doing various things in my ongoing quest to get the house ready to show/sell.  Spelunking in the basement is a big part of that.  I've donated some stuffed, trashed some stuff, reorganized, reboxed, and relabeled lots of stuff, and we're making good progress.  Safety Guy has started winnowing out his collection of VHS tapes, and cleaning out an old dresser filled with heaven only knows how many years of random toys, doodads, knick-knacks, papers, and stuff.  

I had a job interview last week, but I haven't heard back if I got the job or not.  I'll call them Monday (they were supposed to call me this past week but didn't), and hope for the best.  Subbing has been sparse, due to kid dental appointments, snow days/delays, and whatnot.  Hopefully I can land a few days next week.

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