Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Quick Post

 From my FB page:  I've been kind of quiet on the blog front lately - too much to do, and too much to process, and now some behinds to kick. The school appears to be dragging their feet over starting any kind of tutoring or homebound ed for SG. In fact, I have heard precisely NOTHING by phone or email from them since the day of the last incident where I brought SG home. I spoke with one administrator, who was trying to connect with two other administrators to discuss their plan of action, and that was a week ago. She was nice and said she'd call me, but so far no communication AT ALL. I've collected some work for SG from his teachers on my own (and the teachers did not know that I had him at home and that homebound ed had been requested by his doctor, so the admins hadn't passed on ANY information to his teachers). I'm pretty disappointed (to say the least). Time to rattle some cages.

And from my own scattered brain:  We're just about ready to have the realtor come check out if our house is "staged" well enough to photograph.  I just finished painting the kids' bathroom.  This past week has also seen yard work, totally cleaning and rearranging the basement, painting the deck, and general cleaning and sprucing up all over the house.  Room by room, we're just about there.  No word on the job I applied for (which inclines me to think I won't get it).  I'm subbing regularly, running the kids to counseling and activities, and trying not to lose the few marbles I feel like I've still got.

Hoping for some movement in some direction soon - job OR home OR school, or all of the above. . . .

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