Monday, April 7, 2014

Hope Springs. . . .

-  first shoots of green grass in the ditches along the thruway

-  applying for jobs even when it seems like most applications just go into a black hole

-  cleaning the house (again/still/always) to show it to a realtor later this week

-  talking to a discouraged student last week, and hoping I made his burden a little less heavy

-  watching my daughter do what she loves (ride horses)

-  walking along the canal trail with my son, talking cars and looking for wildlife and signs of spring 

-  laying with my fluffy cat in a sunbeam, listening to her purr

-  sprucing up old furniture to give it a new lease on life

-  the ice on Oneida Lake is finally breaking up

-  flocks of robins looking for last year's berries and this year's worms

-  a bald eagle flying low over our car on the way home yesterday

-  spending time with my sister most nights (virtually - thank goodness for FB IM)

-  whittling my priorities into shape, and my expectations down to size

-  sharing a big anniversary and a handful of birthdays in one big family bash this weekend

-  melt water roaring over Hector Falls

-  rain (instead of snow)

-  green sprouts of daylilies in the garden

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