Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's Been HOW Long?

Holy moly, I just realized how long it's been since I wrote a blog post.  MONTHS - almost five months.  A lot of life has happened in those five months. I'm not going to recap everything at length, since even a short list is a bit overwhelming when I think about it.

Since May the kids and I have:

Home schooled Safety Guy for the last quarter of the school year.
Put our house on the market (oh, what a PAIN staging a house is!).
Sold our house (in less than three weeks - hallelujah!).
The kids and I MOVED (a short word for a long, arduous process, since we moved it all ourselves)
Horse shows for the Princess (three 4H shows, one county fair, and the State Fair).
The Princess joined the marching band in her new school district.
Safety Guy joined the JV football team in his new school district.
The Princess spent a week at the NY State Fair Youth Horse Show (and won 5 ribbons!).
Safety Guy broke his leg (fractured fibula, during football practice- a stress fracture that went undiagnosed               for two weeks, and became a true fracture).
Job hunting for me (dozens of resumes, one interview, and one sub teacher job in the new school district)
My Mom's cancer/miracle (PET scan indicated it had returned; surgery found NO cancer at all)

So, the long and short of it is this:  We have been truly blessed with a new place to live that not has only allowed us to keep our cats and have enough space that we don't drive each other bonkers, but also allows me to garden with the landlord's blessing.  The new school district is working out very well for both kids.  The Princess loves being in the marching band (she's in the pit crew, doing percussion), and Safety Guy has been supported and encouraged by his JV teammates.  So far, school is going well academically for both kids.  I was just hired last week as a substitute, and my first day back in the classroom is Monday.

I'm humbled and grateful to the Lord for how things have worked out this summer.  It hasn't been in my own strength or timing, that's for sure.  Finally, I feel like we can relax into a new routine, and I'm hopeful for the future.

God has indeed been kind to us through it all.

P.S.  We also adopted another guinea pig (Fergus, a solid black Peruvian - in other words, a real-life tribble).  We also made it through the Big Storm of 2014 with a couple branches through our roof and lots of downed branches in the yard, and we were lucky - many people nearby had whole trees on their houses.