Friday, February 7, 2014

A Lot Can Happen In Two Weeks. . . .

Winter Storm Nika, which graced us with 9" of snow (and drifted quite a bit higher than that).

The past couple weeks have seemed like a full month.  Nothing like a major medical crisis in the family to snap priorities back into place.

The long and short of it is that my mother has been diagnosed with Stage 2b/3a colon cancer.  She had surgery two weekends ago, a partial colectomy to remove an 8cm tumor, and the recovery has been difficult for her since she also got some intestinal virus the week after the surgery.  The cancer has started to spread, so she's facing chemo.  She's been referred to an oncologist at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY (not nearby, but excellent care).  (So much pain, so many emotions, in just a few dry sentences.)

I spent the weekend of her surgery with my father and two of my three sisters, and we formed a sort of Greek chorus of support at the hospital.  Between us we managed to keep someone with Mom every day for over a week, at the hospital and for the first couple days home.  I traveled to be with her again the next weekend, just an overnight visit.  

We knew she was really feeling better earlier this week when she was able to meander into the kitchen and comment that the sink needed to be cleaned (and promptly did so).  (Her house is famously NEAT.  For her to not be able or willing to take an interest in it for 10 days was highly unusual.)  

So, that's what's been going on in our life - what felt like an eon condensed into a couple weeks.  Mom's sudden illness, surgery, and recovery, as well as the kids having school, 4H activities, riding lessons, subbing for me several days each week, and working on stuff related to selling the house. Oh, and counseling appointments, snow/cold days, and LIFE.   

I'm counting our blessings, and trying to not fall to bits in the process of hanging on.