Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Keep, Donate, Toss

A sign of spring:  Molly following the sunbeam across the living room floor.

I'm spring cleaning - now I'm just waiting for the spring weather, which is woefully delayed here in CNY.  

Right now my life seems to be a long round of the game, "Keep, Donate, or Toss."  But you know what?  I'm actually enjoying thinning our belongings.  It's like spring cleaning on steroids, this countdown to a fresh start in a new place.  Even with all the uncertainty (I still haven't heard back about the job I interviewed for two weeks ago), the move WILL happen; it's just a matter of when and where.  And that's okay with me, most of the time.  (There are the other times where I'm awake at night worrying about it, and I have to pray and ask the Lord to handle the burden for me.)

The kids are excited and anxious about moving, and the Princess is upset about leaving her friends behind.  I think the move will be hardest on her.  Safety Guy is ready to be DONE with this school (he was ready a year ago), and has been surprisingly agreeable to winnowing his belongings and getting rid of stuff.  He even agreed to let me pack stuff in his "man cave," provided I didn't trash or donate anything without his approval.  He wants to help me look for rentals, and to go with me to look at any possible places.  If it helps him feel a bit more in control of this change, he can help and look.

I think we'll still have more STUFF than we really need, but we'll have a heck of a lot less STUFF than we did during our last move 5 years ago.  Simplify has become a new watchword for me. 

Of course, these things are relative - simple for me would be a neat freak's nightmare.  I'm not a Zen master, or a minimalist.  Minimalism is nice to look at, but impossible for me to live in (or keep minimal).  Clutter happens.  This is just a larger decluttering job than the kitchen counter - it's a whole house.  And we're making good progress.

I'm looking at rentals (small single family homes and townhouses), and I'm hopeful that the right place will turn up in the next couple months.  I'd appreciate prayer for that decision in our lives, since wherever we move, we're likely to stay for a couple years, and possibly longer.