Monday, June 20, 2016

There And Back Again.....

It's been a long time since I've done anything with my blog.  Another year has passed, another move has happened, another job has been fought for and done for a year, and many things have changed in my family.  In the interest of my kids' privacy, I've decided to refocus my blog simply on gardening and simple pleasures in my life, like quilting and cooking and reading.
Borrowed view from the back of my new home.
Someone else mows it - isn't that great?

The duplex I was so happy with over a year ago turned into a nightmare of repeated flooding (both groundwater and sewage in the basement).  The landlord was just as much of a nightmare, not fixing the issues, and six months ago I decided enough was enough.  We're back out in the country, and very happy to be here.  Downsizing has been interesting, but good.

A daylily and tomatoes.  LOTS of tomatoes.
I have the freedom to garden my little plot of paradise with few restrictions from the park manager.  Since this place was starting from near zero in the landscaping department, that suits me just fine.  I can do it my way.  I hope to be here for a long time, God willing.

New bed by deck - a work in progress.
There's a nice deck, and I've added a bunch of containers to it.  It's shady at the front from a large maple, and baking full sun at the back, so I've had to adjust what I put where.  It's a learning curve, but not a bad one.

The hardest thing about moving was hauling my daylilies with me.  Thankfully we had a mild winter, and when I'd had the last straw with the sewage in the basement and the inept landlord at Christmas, I was able to dig up my plants and bring them with me in February.  Good thing my family is tolerant of my love for my plants....

So here we are.  New home, new teaching job (as of last September), and assorted other changes in my family.  Still relying on God to supply grace and necessities, and grateful for the many blessings He has given us besides.