Friday, July 8, 2016

Breaking the Drought

Where I live in Central New York has been slowly baking and withering under a moderate drought.  I've been hand-watering my new garden and containers.  Today we finally got more than a trace of rain, for more than a few minutes.  We actually have a flash-flood warning for a couple hours.  I hope some of it soaks in instead of running off the hard-baked ground.

Fourth of July 2016, sunset over Oneida Lake.

I'm enjoying having a reduced case load of students for the summer, and I'm slowly tackling projects around the house, as well as catching up on routine chores.  Being beyond stressed at the end of the school year, and having problems with my back, really derailed me for a while.  I'm making up for lost time now.
Adirondack chair project, photobombed by my daughter.
One of my "wouldn't it be nice" projects was to refurbish my beat up old Adirondack chairs.  This week I scored a quart of good outdoors paint at a crazy low price.  Sometimes those "oops, we mixed it wrong" shelves at the big box home stores are a good place to find stuff for projects.  Khaki-olive green?  Okay, I can live with that on my chairs.

I know this one made the move - this is
last year's photo of my seedling 'Dixie Highway.'

A couple of my long-suffering, much-transplanted daylilies have bloomed.  I know I lost several in the move last winter (it's a long story - let's just say thank goodness it was a mild early winter, so I could dig up my plants in December....).  But several have made it, and a few more are yet to bloom.  I have the awful sinking feeling I lost my favorite one, though - we'll see....

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  1. Beautiful photos! Thank you very much for sharing.